Wedding Coordinator Position Description

St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church is seeking a Wedding Coordinator. The person in this position supports the work of the Liturgy Director and is the primary point of contact for the wedding couple concerning the wedding liturgy. The Wedding Coordinator also maintains communication between the wedding couple and the clergy regarding particular elements of the nuptial ceremony and is present with the couple at both the rehearsal and the wedding day.

The successful candidate will have a knowledge and understanding of the Catholic Church and its mission, a high school diploma, and a knowledge and understanding of the marriage ritual. This is a stipend position with the amount and frequency of work dependent on the number of couples intending to be married at St. Joan of Arc.

Job offer is contingent on the successful passing of the mandatory background screening and completion of the VIRTUS “Protecting God’s Children” course. To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to Paul Davis, Mission Director, pdavis@stjoanofarcpowell.org.