Facilities Use Request Form

How can space be reserved on St. Joan of Arc campus?

The facilities of St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church are available for use by parish ministry groups and Diocesan sponsored activities. Parish ministry groups may request use of the parish facilities by submitting a Facilities Use Request Form (FURF). FURFs are processed on a first-come, first-served basis and will be approved by the directors and/or parish leadership. When requesting space, please remember that even though our parish offices are open, our facilities are closed during the month of July for maintenance. Requests should be made at least 10 days prior to an event, meeting, or activity. For large events in the social hall and for activities involving multiple areas on campus, the FURF, complete with setup and access needs, must be submitted 30 days in advance in order to prepare for proper timing and action of maintenance and security. Approved forms will be returned to the email indicated on the FURF.

Approved reservations are added to the parish Google calendar which is accessed at the bottom of the front page of the website. Events and activities open to the parish at large will also be included in the weekly bulletin calendar and Flocknote email. [Please note reservations that are not open to participation of the parish at large appear as “reserved” line items on the parish Google calendar.]

Facility Descriptions for Reservation

Single Classrooms 1,2*,3,4*,5,6*,8*,9*,10*,11*,12* Fire code capacity 18; includes three 6-foot tables and respective number of chairs.

Double Classrooms 1-2, 9-10, 11-12: Each has collapsible inner wall for fire code capacity of 36; includes six 6-foot tables and respective number of chairs.

Double Classroom 19*-20* Total room Fire code capacity is 25 with four 6-foot tables and respective number of chairs. As separate classrooms with collapsible wall between them, room 19 fire code capacity is 11 and room 20 fire code capacity is 14.

Kitchen  Has ovens, stove burners, sinks, refrigerators, freezers, ice maker, coffee maker, and dishwasher.

Social Hall Classrooms 13,14,15,16,17: Fire code capacity is 18; includes two 60-inch round tables and chairs. [These classrooms are adjacent to the main social hall separated by a collapsible wall.]

Social Hall with Collapsible Wall separating classrooms: Seats up to 200 (160 comfortably). Can include up to 20 60-inch round tables with 6 to 10 chairs at each table.

Social Hall without Collapsible Wall: Fire code capacity is 320. Can include up to 32 60-inch round tables with 6 to 10 chairs at each.

*Indicates the classroom has a sink.

Helpful Hints for completing FURFs

  • Complete all areas of the FURF after checking space availability against the Google calendar.
  • Use the comments field at the bottom to add the following:
  1. dates meetings/events within the schedule will be held offsite
  2. specific needs such as needing a microphone, projector, easels, laptop cart, dry erase board, additional storage needs, etc.

Questions? Please contact the director for your ministry or Julie Winters at jwinters@stjoanofarcpowell.org.

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