Women’s Club

The Women’s Club is both a social and service organization, open to all women of the parish.  Our club promotes camaraderie, service to the parish, larger community involvements and enrichment of its members through education and faith-sharing activities.  Through its fundraising efforts, the Women’s Club also financially supports our parish community.

The Women’s Club’s main yearly fundraising activity is the Harvest Bouquet Craft Show, which is always held the first Saturday of October, here at the church.  If you make handmade crafts and are interested in joining us, please fill out a harvest bouquet vendor application.

Through the various fundraising over the years, the Women’s Club has been able to give back to the parish in many ways, some of which are the St. John Neumann stained-glass window, framing of the Stations of the Cross, missals, artwork, trees and clergy vestments.

The Women’s Club is also responsible for the creation and maintenance of the grotto which honors our Blessed Virgin Mother Mary, the club’s patron saint.

The Women’s Club is also responsible for the church’s first cookbook, “Fruit of the Vine,” with more than 300 wonderful recipes!  There are still a few copies available if you are interested.  Please call Pat Belmont, 740-881-9838, for more information.

Interested in being a part of our group?  If you would like to join the Women’s Club download the Women’s Club Registration Form

We meet the second Thursday of each month, 7 p.m., in rooms 1 & 2.

Feel free to contact one of our officers below:

Women’s Club President
Kelly Johnson Achtmann

Vice President
Karen Corsi

Patti Vandewalle

Judy Breitenbach