Homebound Eucharistic Ministry

For those in our Parish family who are unable to attend Mass and receive the Eucharist due to age, infirmity or some other temporary injury or illness, we have a committed group of volunteers who bring the Eucharist to them on a weekly basis. These parishoners may be staying in their home or with relatives in the parish, some may also be temporarily cared for in nursing homes or convalescence centers. Visits with the homebound are scheduled during the week based on individual needs.

This ministry also supports weekly Rosary Service at a local nursing home, Abbington at Powell and a local Assisted Living facility, The Inn at Olentangy Trail. Monthly Mass is offered at The Inn at Olentangy Trail and Abbington.

If you or anyone in your family would benefit from this ministry please contact the Parish office at 614.761.0905 or Aurora Avanceña at  614.582.8514.

In addition to being commissioned as Eucharistic Ministers, volunteers participate in training and make their first visits with an experienced mentor. If you are interested in working with this ministry, contact either the Parish office.

Homebound Ministry Coordinator

Aurora Avanceña